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Can A Sinus or Ear Infection Lead to Tooth Pain?

Posted on 7/24/2023 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Can A Sinus or Ear Infection Lead to Tooth Pain?Sinus and ear infections are rather common in both children and adults. Inflammation of the tissue in your sinus leads to sinus infection. Characterized by a runny or stuffy nose, cough, and/or facial pain, a sinus infection can be very uncomfortable.

Most toothaches are caused by dental problems. However, other non-dental factors such as sinus and ear infections can cause toothaches. Here is an intensive look at how ear and sinus infections can cause tooth pain;

How Ear Infections Cause Tooth Pain

When you have an undiagnosed ear infection, because of the proximity between the ears and the jaw and teeth, it is highly likely that you will experience pain in your teeth and jaw. Therefore, if you are experiencing symptoms of ear pain accompanied by tooth pain or jaw pain, then you may have an ear infection.

How Sinus Infections Cause Tooth Pain

As stated before, some of the common symptoms of sinus are congested nose or runny nose and a cough. Pain in the upper back teeth is also a common symptom of the sinus. In the face, there are four pairs of air-filled spaces near your facial bones. These spaces are what we refer to as sinuses. We find them in the eyes, forehead, and behind your cheekbone.

The main purpose of the sinus is to filter air into your nasal cavity. Once these sinuses get infected, especially the ones near your cheekbone, pressure, and drainage from these sinuses can cause tooth pain.

How To Differentiate Between a Normal Toothache and A Toothache Caused by Sinus or Ear Infection?

Most symptoms of a normal toothache may seem similar to those of a sinus toothache. However, one of the major differences is that sinus toothaches occur in the upper molars and affect several teeth. Sinus toothaches also intensify with movement such as jumping, which causes the sinus pressure to shift as you move, unlike normal toothaches which are not subjected to movement. When you experience any kind of tooth pain, it is best to consult with your dentist. The dentist will diagnose the cause of your pain and offer the best treatment option.
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