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Invisalign vs. Braces Colorado Springs CO

A woman deciding between Invisalign and classic braces in Colorado Springs.Very few people are born with perfectly straight teeth and a well-aligned bite. For this reason, at SmileCOS Dentistry, our team, including Andrew Miller, DDS and Francisco Darquea, DDS, specializes in several orthodontic treatments designed to improve the function and aesthetics of your smile.

The type of orthodontic treatment we recommend depends on the problems that need correcting. The two most popular options are Invisalign clear aligners and conventional metal braces.

What Are invisalign Clear Aligners?

Clear aligner treatment involves a serious of plastic trays that fit over your teeth in the upper or lower arch. Each tray in your series is designed to gently move the teeth to their proper position, which we predetermine during treatment planning.
At SmileCOS Dentistry, we offer Invisalign brand clear aligner trays, one of the most trusted names in aligner therapy.

During a consultation appointment, Andrew Miller, DDS will perform a comprehensive exam to determine if you or your child qualify for clear aligner trays. Generally speaking, aligner trays are most suitable for minor to moderate orthodontic issues. Once we decide clear aligners are the best solution, we can create a customized treatment plan.

Most aligner treatment begins with a digital scan of the teeth and gums. This 3-D representation of your smile is then sent to a laboratory, along with detailed instructions on how we want to move the teeth. There, the lab technicians use this information to fabricate your series of aligners.

What Are Braces?

Most people are familiar with conventional braces, an appliance that consists of metal brackets, wires, and elastic bands.
The brackets are bonded to the teeth and linked together by the wire, which is held in place by the elastic bands. Over the course of treatment, we periodically tighten the wire, which puts pressure on the teeth and causes them to move.

Pretty much anyone in need of orthodontic treatment should qualify for conventional braces. In some cases, metal braces may be the only appliance strong enough to correct a severe malocclusion (misaligned bite).

What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners?

As you can probably guess, aligner trays are made from a clear type of plastic that is virtually invisible! In fact, most people may not even notice you are wearing your trays throughout treatment! This makes clear aligners the ideal choice for people who want a more discreet appliance.

Clear aligners are also removable, meaning you should experience improved convenience and comfort compared to metal braces. People with aligners are free to eat what they want without fear of breaking their appliance.
They also reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease during treatment. The brackets, wires, and elastic bands of conventional braces can trap food debris and bacteria, which may lead to oral health problems without adequate brushing and flossing.

What Are the Benefits of Braces?

Conventional braces may be indiscreet, but they are also a time-tested and effective appliance. Because they are fixed to the teeth, the success of your treatment is not dictated by your willingness to wear your appliance (unlike aligners). This can cut down treatment times for children and teenagers that may not have the best discipline.

Modern conventional braces are less noticeable thanks to smaller brackets and thinner wires than ever before. You also have the option to choose between clear or tooth-colored brackets, wires, and bands.

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

Invisalign and other clear aligners are better for adults whose teeth aren't extremely crooked and want the invisible aspect with more comfort. Braces are better for people that have very crooked teeth, kids, and teens.

Does Invisalign Work Faster Than Braces?

Although it depends on each individual's needs, Invisalign does usually work faster to straighten teeth than braces.

Can I Switch From Braces to Invisalign?

Yes, it is definitely an option to switch from braces to Invisalign. Many people tend to transition away from braces due to teeth demineralization, dietary reasons, and self-consciousness.

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Invisalign vs Braces Colorado Springs CO
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