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Traditional Braces
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A smiling teenager wearing traditional braces at SmileCOS Dentistry.In medical terms, bad bites are known as malocclusions. There are several types of bad bites that can affect a person’s smile and cause great inconvenience while biting and chewing food. Bad bites are commonly known as crooked, overcrowded, or spaced-out teeth.

The misalignment of teeth makes it difficult to clean them properly. It can leave your teeth more vulnerable to plaque, tartar, and infections like caries and periodontitis.
According to one research study, 20% of the population in the USA suffers from malocclusions, and 2% of Americans have such serious bad bites and disfiguration that even orthodontic surgeries cannot correct them.

The most commonly known bad bites are:
•  Overbites
•  Underbites
•  Overcrowding
•  Overjets
•  Crossbites
•  Tooth spacing
•  Missing teeth
•  Open bites
•  Impacted tooth
•  Diastema

To correct bad bites and restore the natural alignment of your teeth, your orthodontist will suggest that you wear traditional braces.

What are Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces are dental devices that are worn to correct bad bites like crooked teeth and tooth spacing. The main reason for malocclusion is the improper shape and size of our jawbones. When our jawbones are too big, it results in tooth spacing, but when our jawbones are too small, it results in overcrowding or crooked teeth.

To correct these malocclusions, traditional braces with metal brackets and wires are used to tie our teeth and exert pressure on the teeth and jawbones. A thin metal wire is tightly wrapped around the misaligned teeth and held in place with the help of traditional brackets.

Traditional or metal brackets are small metal fixtures that are attached to our teeth with the help of dental adhesives. They act like bridging tools and hold the wires in place until the teeth come back to their original alignment.

Traditional braces exert pressure on the teeth and jawbones, causing the teeth to shift and align properly. Traditional braces are the most common orthodontic treatment for correcting malocclusions and are comparatively less expensive and less painful as compared to orthodontic surgeries (jaw surgery).

How Long Must I Wear Traditional Braces?

Normally, traditional braces with metal wires and metal brackets are worn for 6 months or up to 2 years, depending on the severity of malocclusions.

Contrary to popular belief, traditional braces can be worn by people of any age. Our teeth and jawbones can grow and develop at any age, so it is not mandatory that all bad bites must be corrected in pre-teens or during the teenage years. But because tooth decay intensifies when bad bites are left untreated, orthodontists recommend correcting bad bites early on to prevent oral conditions and diseases.

Aftercare for Traditional Braces

Traditional braces need tightening every 4 to 6 weeks. This is to ensure that constant, gentle pressure continues to be exerted on the teeth and jawbones to align the teeth properly. Unlike retainers, traditional braces cannot be removed while eating, brushing, or sleeping. Therefore, the aftercare of traditional braces becomes mandatory.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth after every meal if you are wearing traditional braces. You must also floss your teeth and braces every night before going to bed to remove any food debris and acid-producing bacteria. Visit your dental team immediately if you notice bleeding or severe pain.

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