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Tooth Extraction Colorado Springs CO

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Infection, pain, or an overcrowded mouth may require tooth extraction.

At SmileCOS Dentistry, Andrew Miller, DDS and Francisco Darquea, DDS offer gentle tooth extractions.

Whether you have an emergency that requires immediate extraction, or to fix an oral health issue you are experiencing, you will be in good hands with our Colorado Springs dental professionals. Our dentists are gentle, effective, and experienced in tooth extractions, making the process as easy as possible for you.

Reasons for Tooth Removal

While we do everything we can to save natural teeth, sometimes extractions become necessary. A few common examples include after severe trauma to a tooth, impacted wisdom teeth, or an overcrowded mouth that needs orthodontic care, but first requires removal of a few teeth. We also extract excessively decayed or infected teeth that will not benefit from other restorations, such as a root canal and dental crown.

The Extraction Process

There are two types of extractions: simple and surgical. In a simple extraction, we administer a local anesthetic to the areas near the tooth, numbing your cheek, gums, and mouth. Once numb, our dentists use tools to extract the tooth painlessly. We talk to you throughout the process to ensure your comfort. You should only feel mild pressure during this procedure - no pain. Once removed, we wash the area out and seal the socket to ensure proper healing.

If the tooth is underneath the gumline, which means it is impacted, we must cut through the gumline to get to the tooth. This surgery does require a bit more invasiveness and more anesthetic but is a viable way to remove a tooth that causes you problems. You will receive stitches after removal of the tooth in the areas of the incision.

Are There Risks With Tooth Extraction?

Our dentists take all of the necessary precautions during the tooth extraction process. We only extract teeth when it's necessary, and your oral health is at risk if you do not pull it. On the rare occasion that there is a side effect, our staff knows how to handle it effectively.

Typically, the largest risk with tooth extraction is a dry socket. This happens when the blood clot opens up, exposing the bone. While it sounds scary, our dentists know how to handle the situation, dressing it with a sedative for a couple of days, allowing a new blood clot to form and the area to heal.

As is the case with any type of procedure, there is a risk of infection, excessive bleeding, and breathing issues. Our dentists watch for signs of any issues during the procedure and provide you with detailed instructions on what to look for once you go home. We are always available should you experience any issues after the procedure, seeing you right away if you experience any complications.

Tooth extractions are a safe and effective way to deal with serious oral health issues that cannot be resolved with other tooth restoration options. Our dentists are experienced and effective when removing your teeth, ensuring your safety throughout the procedure.

Do I Need My Wisdom Tooth Removed?

During your routine dental exams, our dentists will examine your mouth and look for signs that your teeth are impacted or not growing in a manner that would allow you to keep your wisdom teeth. In most cases, an x-ray can determine if your wisdom teeth will need to be removed.

It can be a decision of comfort as well. If your wisdom teeth are causing you any pain or discomfort while eating, please let our dentists know so they can ascertain if you should have them removed.

Anytime you are in pain, it is a certainty that you would like that pain fixed as soon as possible, and that's no different with wisdom teeth.

We also want to make sure you have good oral hygiene and dental health, which could necessitate the removal of your wisdom teeth.

Thankfully, Andrew Miller, DDS and Francisco Darquea, DDS have handled many wisdom teeth extractions, and we will be able to take care of you.

To determine if you need a wisdom tooth extraction, reach out and call us.

Aftercare Following Tooth Removal

It is likely there will be bleeding from the extraction site for several hours after your tooth has been removed.

A pad of gauze will be placed over the site to absorb the blood and help a blood clot to form. You may have to bite down gently on this for up to an hour before you are allowed to go home.

During this time, you will be given instructions on how to look after your gums and teeth during recovery, as well as advice on medication to take and what you should and should not consume from an eating and drinking perspective.

It is imperative you do not smoke or drink alcohol as these impede the recovery process.

Recovery After Tooth Extraction

If you have a routine extraction you will be able to carry on with your everyday routine as normal.

However, if you do have a surgical extraction it will take a few days to recover fully. After a local anesthetic, your mouth is likely to be numb for several hours and it is best not to consume food or drink during this time so as not to dislodge the blood clot over the extraction site, or in case you bite your tongue.

Bruising and swelling may be side-effects of your tooth extraction. Using an ice pack wrapped in a towel and held to the face over the extraction site can help reduce swelling and speed recovery.

Take the medication recommended by our doctors to alleviate pain and discomfort. Also, ensure you take the whole course of antibiotics if you have been prescribed them. This will help with the healing process as well as reducing the risk for infection.

Our staff typically will advise a soft food diet and rest following the extraction to stimulate quick healing.

While we will recommend continuing to brush and floss, it is incredibly important to be careful while brushing around the extraction site.

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Tooth Extraction Colorado Springs CO
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