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Dental Bonding Colorado Springs CO

Dentist working with dental polymerization lamp in oral cavity before bonding done at SmileCOS Dentistry in Colorado Springs, COIf your teeth look less than perfect, it can wear down your self-esteem. Do you find yourself hiding your smile or talking carefully when around others? Let our team of experts, including Andrew Miller, DDS and Francisco Darquea, DDS at SmileCOS Dentistry|TPtext-black]]] help you fix these issues with dental bonding. As one of the least invasive dental procedures available today, we can help you fix your smile and love your teeth once again.

How Dental Bonding Works

Dental bonding is a cosmetic yet restorative dental procedure. Bonding is a resin that we apply to your teeth to fix small issues. Our lab creates a custom resin for each patient based on the color of his or her teeth. This helps the bonding blend in well with your other teeth, giving all of your teeth a uniform appearance. Dental bonding helps fix chipped or cracked teeth, slightly decayed teeth, and teeth with large gaps.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

Our dentists are experts at the dental bonding procedure. In most cases, we do not have to administer anesthetic because of the simple nature of the procedure. We start by assessing the situation. What is it about your teeth that you do not love? Our dentists will look over your teeth and help you decide if you are a good candidate for dental bonding so that you receive the desired result.

If tooth decay causes your concern, we will need to prepare the tooth by removing the decay. This may require the use of anesthetic, as we have to remove the decayed portion of the tooth. If you have cracked or chipped teeth, our dentists just need to roughen up the tooth to give the bonding something to adhere to. Once the tooth is ready, our dentists will apply the resin to the appropriate areas. They will then sculpt the resin to give it the shape of your natural tooth. As a final step, we file the resin down to give it the final shape.

Caring for Dental Bonding

Once we place dental bonding on your teeth, you have a few special precautions you must take. Luckily, resin is rather sturdy so that you can go about most of your normal business, except excessively hard foods. One word of caution, though, is its staining abilities. Unlike your natural teeth, you cannot bleach or whiten resin bonding. It would help if you used caution when consuming food and drink that may stain your teeth, especially black tea, coffee, berries, and red wine. If you do consume any of these foods, rinse your mouth with water to avoid staining your resin.

You should also brush and floss your teeth, including the bonded teeth carefully. Any debris or bacteria that get left behind can cause decay, gum disease, or an infection. If the bonded area is affected, you may start to notice the difference in your bonded teeth, making it more obvious that you had dental restorations completed.

If you are tired of your teeth’s appearance, let our Colorado Springs dentists help. Call SmileCOS Dentistry at (719) 394-3304 to discuss your options to restore your teeth to their natural beauty with the non-invasive dental bonding procedure.

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Dental Bonding Colorado Springs CO
The experts at SmileCOS Dentistry can help beautify your smile with dental bonding. We can help you fix your smile and love your teeth once again!
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