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Causes Of Black Spots On The Tongue

Posted on 11/21/2022 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Causes Of Black Spots On The TongueDuring the chewing process, the tongue transfers the food around the mouth while it grinds. While this is happening, the taste buds send indications to the brain, which are then used to evaluate the flavor. Food and drinks that contain pigments may sometimes cause marks to be left behind on the surface of the tongue.

If you have hyperpigmentation, the black dots or spots on your tongue may be caused by that condition. Pigmentation gives your external organs their color; nevertheless, too much pigmentation may cause dark patches on your skin. Additionally, black patches on the tongue are often the result of trauma to the tongue. In case you have been through anything similar, there can be a black area as a reminder of the harm it did to you.

Please contact SmileCOS Dentistry if you have concerns about black spots on the tongue.

Exposure To Chemicals Can Cause Black Spots On Your Tongue

Many different substances have the potential to turn your tongue black. Bismuth is an example of one of these chemicals; it is notorious for discoloring the tongue. Furthermore, you must be aware that compounds such as bismuth might be included in various drugs. The black spots on your tongue are the first sign that you have been exposed to bismuth, which causes the whole tongue to darken.

Although the presence of these black spots is generally not an indication of anything dangerous, there is still a possibility that it may be cancer. This is something that can only be ruled out partially. In the event of such a scenario, please contact our Colorado Springs office to schedule a screening for oral cancer].

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