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Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Posted on 8/22/2022 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Causes of Sensitive TeethThe use of excess mouthwash may lead to a sore mouth. Some of the mouthwash products have acids that fuel an already sensitive tooth. The acid worsens the existing tooth sensitivity for exposed dentin and causes more damage to the dentin layer.

Acidic food intake

Eating acidic food erodes the outer covering of the teeth known as enamel, and this leaves the beneath layer exposed, causing the sensitivity condition. When the nerves are exposed to the acidic environment contained in the acidic food, the teeth are left with pain.

Rough brushing of teeth

Brushing the teeth should be done softly and gently. The use of soft brushes to ensure that the teeth and the gum are protected from pulling away is encouraged by our dentist. Brushing too hard can wear out the enamel and expose the dentin, while the holes created are affected by the hot or cold substances that cause sensitivity to the nerves.

Recent dental work

Teeth cleaning, replacement of the crown tooth restoration, and root planning can lead to short-term tooth sensitivity. The pain or the sensitivity will disappear after a while.

Gum diseases

Tooth discomfort can be caused by receding gums, which becomes the order of the day as you get older. If you have gum disease or gingivitis, your dentist will create a treatment plan for the underlying condition and may recommend a procedure to seal your teeth.

Excessive plaque

Flossing and brushing are used to remove plaque that accumulates after eating. An excessive buildup of plaque can wear away tooth enamel. As the enamel on your teeth wears out, your teeth become more sensitive.

Grinding teeth

Even though dental enamel is the most rigid substance in the human body, grinding your teeth over time can wear it down. You expose the dentin, or middle layer of the tooth, which includes the hollow tubes that lead to sensitive teeth due to the exposure of nerve endings. Call us now and schedule a consultation with our skillful dentists.

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