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Anatomy Of The Teeth

Posted on 6/6/2022 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Anatomy Of The TeethOur teeth have many layers and locations hidden from our view as we get down below the surface. Learn more about your teeth by reading on, and we will take you on a fascinating tour of one of the most vital components in your body.

Tour of the Mouth

The entire tooth is divided into three sections, but you will be astonished to realize that you never see most of them. These three parts safeguard three areas of the tooth's structure; we will begin by coating the tooth's surfaces.

Areas Of The Tooth

Crown- The visible portion of the tooth is referred to as the "crown" when examined with a dental loupe. In our mouths, the tooth's crown serves as a tool for grinding and chopping up food.

Gumline- When your tooth meets your gums, that is where you will find the gumline. Plaque and bacteria accumulate in this area, and gingivitis is the result.
Root- 'Root' refers to the part of the tooth beneath the gum line. Teeth are held firmly in place by the root.

There Are Three Major Components To Your Teeth

Enamel - The enamel that coats our teeth is incredibly resistant to adversity compared to bones. Even though it is made of mineralized tissue, it is susceptible to decay if not properly cleaned.

Dentin - The next layer beneath the enamel is porous, loaded with millions of minute holes that allow sensation and nourishment to pass from the pulp. This substance is not sensitive, but the pulp may feel the dentin's sensitivity, making it uncomfortable to stimulate.

Pulp - Your tooth's living; the throbbing heart is its pulp. The tooth receives nourishment and blood flow from the blood and nutrients that travel through here throughout our life.

Anatomical knowledge can assist you in understanding dental hygiene and how to do it. Make a dental appointment with us if you have tooth pain or notice changes to your teeth.
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