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What treatments are available for sensitive teeth?

Posted on 3/7/2022 by SmileCOS Dentistry
What treatments are available for sensitive teeth?Sensitivity is a condition that appears when the dentine is exposed; you experience a lot of discomforts when eating cold things, hot things. Treatment offered for sensitive teeth is using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a strong toothpaste for sensitive teeth, fluoride treatment should be high, root canal, bonding, avoid taking food with less acid as explained in detail below.

High usage of fluoride

Sensitivity caused by erosion of the enamel, fluoride used in high quantities hardens the soothing enamel sensitivity and prevents dental carriers; it also reduces pain. Use of toothpaste containing fluoride at home is also recommended. Fluoride helps remineralize the tooth enamel, making it hard and strong enough to resist erosion.


The dentist applies a colored resin to repair the sensitive teeth. This is also called dental bonding, which creates a natural-looking barrier for the root. It involves using resin to the roots which are exposed. In this procedure, the dentist need not remove any part of the enamel, roughen and moisturize it before applying the bonding material, which is reshaped into the shape of the crown. After application, the dentists use a different light to harden the material to place. This method helps restore the appearance and reduce discomfort in a less invasive approach.

Surgical gum treatment

Surgical treatment is where the tissue from somewhere in the mouth, mostly the roof of the mouth, builds up the gum covering up the tooth and improving the gum, making the teeth strong. It also protects the exposed root and reduces sensitivity. Gum grafting is used to replace gum tissue affected by gum recession. This invasive procedure involves transplant tissue to replace damaged tissues of the gingival region that causes sensitivity.

Root canal

When the root canal is removed, together with surrounding inflamed debris, the tooth cavity is cleaned and filled with bone graft and sealed to prevent infectious bacteria or more inflammation. This involves removing the pulp, which is the soft center of the tooth; the pulp is made of connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. It is performed under anesthesia. Cracked teeth, injuries or trauma, genetics, or a complicated previous filling could cause sensitivity, especially to hot or cold ambiances that cause severe pain while chewing, biting, or drinking. 

Other procedures to reduce or treat tooth sensitivity include reducing the intake of foods and drinks with acidity; food with less acidity is highly recommended for people with sensitive teeth. The acidity removes a small amount of tooth enamel over time. After taking food with acidity, drink water, using a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Sensitivity can be brought about by fidgety brushing; while brushing the teeth vigorously, the motion wears down the enamel exposing the dentine bringing about gum recession while using the toothpaste; one should use toothpaste which is recommended for sensitive teeth by a dentist.

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