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Healthy & Fun Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Posted on 12/10/2021 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Healthy & Fun Alternatives to Halloween CandyHalloween is a celebration of goodies and tricks, as well as school celebrations, gifts, and harvest festivals. Candy is at the center of the Halloween celebration. It's nearly impossible to avoid sweets and candy over the Halloween season, putting our dental health in danger. There are some suggestions for keeping our children's teeth healthy and happy, as well as our own.

Candy for Halloween

Most dental damage is caused by hard sweets, such as lollipops and peppermints. The hard snacks stay in your mouth for a long time, putting your teeth in danger of decay. Sticky candy is also a Halloween treat, as it sticks to the teeth, eroding the enamel and exposing the pulp. Gum chewing is a healthy Halloween treat because it stimulates the creation of additional saliva in the mouth, which cleans the mouth and keeps plaque at bay. Sugar-free gum flavored with fruit juices is the greatest gum to chew.

Non-sticky foods

Sticky foods stick on the teeth and cause food particles to form plaque in between the teeth. Plaque causes food decay and can lead to tooth loss. During Halloween festivals, we can opt to consume non –sticky foods. The foods and especially fruits include grapes, bananas, apples, and cranberries. The sticky fruits that can stick to our teeth are like dried fruit and they are hard to mix with saliva. Saliva is good for the mouth and it washes the food particles away from the teeth. Your mouth needs a lot of saliva to help keep oral health.

During Halloween avoid taking the candies to keep your teeth healthy, you will have the temptation to consume the sugary candy. Avoid consuming alternative foods to keep your teeth healthy and maintain optimum dental health. The dentist will guide you on the best foods for your teeth during Halloween.
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