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Why Are Dental X-rays Necessary?

Posted on 12/23/2021 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Why Are Dental X-rays Necessary?Dental X-rays can help us make an early diagnosis of pathologies in your oral cavity. Treating these problems early prevents complications and reduces expenses and pain. We will give you more information about this imaging test, so please keep on reading.

What Are Dental X-rays? Why Our Patients Might Need Them

While having a dental X-ray exam with all of those devices can be uncomfortable, it gives our dentists a valuable amount of information to help you. X-rays help us see the condition of your teeth down to the root and the bone composition of your face, as well as help us in the early diagnosis of many pathologies.

X-rays are a form of energy that can pass through objects, or such objects might absorb it. This energy ,when absorbed by dense objects such as teeth, shows up in the image as whitish areas. Conversely, dark areas appear in less dense objects, such as the gums and cheeks.

X-rays can help us find problems that we cannot see on an oral exam. In this way, we avoid discomfort, save you money, and facilitate the entire treatment process.

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

The amount of radiation received at the time of a dental X-ray is minimal. Advances in imaging technology limit radiation to small areas. Furthermore, it is a high-speed procedure, reducing the risks in our patients.

What Kind Of Problems Can We Diagnose With X-rays?

X-rays help us diagnose an immense number of problems. Among them, dental deterioration stands out, especially in small and interdental areas, bone loss in the jaw, changes in the root canals due to infections, we can determine the condition and position of the teeth and thus prepare ourselves for implantology and orthodontic treatments, we can also observe the presence of abscesses and cysts. In our offices we have the best radiology equipment, so to learn more, please visit us today!

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