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5 Things We Do At Your Dental Checkup You Had No Idea About

Posted on 10/25/2021 by SmileCOS Dentistry
5 Things We Do At Your Dental Checkup You Had No Idea AboutOur specialists do much more than just check your teeth. A set of structures make up the oral cavity, and all of them have functions that are equally vital to your dental health; it is our job to check all of them up. Read on to find out about five interesting things we take care of at the time of your dental check-up.

Checking Your Salivary Glands

Every human being needs a correct production of saliva to keep their oral cavity hydrated and to be able to digest food, as well as helping with bacterial cleansing. While we examine your teeth, we will also check that your salivary glands are in optimal condition.

Polishing for Prevention

After finishing our checkup and dental cleaning, we polish each tooth, which has a purpose beyond a brilliant smile. This smooth surface which the polishing provides, prevents the accumulation of bacterial plaque, thus avoiding gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Checking for Cancer

Early ruling out for oral cancer is crucial for a better long-term prognosis, so every time we check your mouth, we will look for signs of oral cancer. We do it at the same time we are looking for cavities. In the event of any suspicion, we will create the best diagnostic protocol for you.

Ensuring Tongue Health

Although our main focus is on the teeth and gums, we do not forget about the health of your tongue. From its color to its texture, everything gives us clues about your oral health. We will look for warning signs, such as a whitish coverage on your tongue or paleness, in order to guide you to the best treatment.

Examining Your Tonsils

Like your tongue, your tonsils tell us a lot about the health of your mouth. Either looking for inflammation to suspect an infection or visualizing the presence of tonsilloliths, we can determine the origin of the tonsillar alterations and refer you to a primary care physician if necessary. Our professionals offer comprehensive care of your entire oral cavity so that you can have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. To learn more, please schedule an appointment with us today!

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