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How Does a Cracked Tooth Increase the Chances of an Oral Infection?

Posted on 9/21/2021 by SmileCOS Dentistry
How Does a Cracked Tooth Increase the Chances of an Oral Infection?Cracked teeth can come from a variety of sources, and there are a few different types because of it. But regardless of its source, if you are experiencing discomfort, you should come to see us. In our office, we can help fix the issue and give you relief and comfort. Beyond that, we can help to mitigate your chance of an oral infection.

What is an Oral Infection?

Oral infections come about from the bacteria in the mouth and bacteria from foods. There are pretty common infections that everyone is familiar with, including tooth decay like cavities or gum diseases. But there are also infections which are more serious that can be exacerbated by a cracked tooth. Some of the symptoms that can be involved with a cracked tooth infection include swelling, discomfort, headaches, fever, or problems chewing food. These are also symptoms for other issues, but they are most commonly associated with an infection from a cracked tooth if you have issues with your oral health. This is because cracked teeth are open avenues for bacteria to get into the tooth and then down to the root, making it difficult to brush out during your morning and night brushing routine.

I Think I Have a Cracked Tooth, So, What Should I Do?

Cracked teeth aren't fun, but they also aren't unfixable. The moment that you start to feel any sort of discomfort, it is best that you come in to see us. Some untreated infections have a chance of spreading to the jawbone, making treatment difficult—and still others can spread into the blood, making containment difficult, requiring you to come see us. As with all medical events, the moment that you suspect something could be wrong is the moment you should reach out for help. We're able to fix up your tooth and mitigate the chance of an infection by closing the crack. If you believe that you have a cracked tooth and are experiencing discomfort, come in to speak with us or give us a call to set up an appointment.
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