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Fluoride Treatments for Those Who Do Not Get Enough Regularly

Posted on 2/8/2021 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Fluoride Treatments for Those Who Do Not Get Enough RegularlyIf you have a tendency to get cavities or your water supply is not fluoridated, you need to schedule fluoride treatments during the year. If you are cavity-prone, getting in-office fluoride treatments is a must-do activity. In some cases, people need to schedule professional fluoride treatments because their enamel is thinner and therefore more prone to decay. Some people do not need extra fluoride because they have thicker enamel because of their DNA. In some cases, you may need more fluoride because you have more fissures and grooves on the biting surfaces of your teeth. Whatever the reason, we can determine how to supplement your dental care with the proper amount of fluoride.

How Fluoride is Applied

We apply fluoride to the teeth in the form of a varnish, foam, or gel. This level of fluoride is much higher than the amount of fluoride found in mouth rinses or toothpaste. A varnish is painted on the teeth, while the foam is added to a dental tray. The tray is then applied to the teeth for 1 to 4 minutes. A gel is either applied with a dental tray or painted on the teeth.

Do You Have Dry Mouth?

Certain dry mouth conditions necessitate the need to administer fluoride professionally. Also known as xerostomia, dry mouth may be caused by taking certain medications, especially allergy drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, antihistamines, and blood pressure medicines. If a patient receives radiation to the neck and head for cancer, they may need fluoride treatments for dry mouth. The lack of a saliva flow makes it more difficult for food particles to be washed away or for the mouth acids to be neutralized.

Do you believe you need fluoride treatments? If so, schedule an appointment for an exam and consultation. We can determine if you are the right candidate for additional fluoride therapy.

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