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Eating and Speaking Become Difficult If You Have Missing Teeth

Posted on 1/25/2021 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Eating and Speaking Become Difficult If You Have Missing TeethIf you have missing teeth, or gaps in your smile, you need to fill them in, as avoiding treatment can lead to further dental problems and can impact you personally, socially, and professionally. The more teeth you have missing, the harder these activities become.

Filling In Missing Teeth

You have several options available to you to fill in missing teeth. Just like losing a baby tooth, losing a permanent tooth can cause you difficulties when communicating or eating. People who have missing teeth often have trouble enunciating words and phrases, and their slurred speech may be misinterpreted. Also, these kinds of dental gaps can make it difficult to eat a balanced diet. You often have to resort to only eating soft foods in lieu of healthier substitutes. Moreover, research shows that people who don't display a full smile often are perceived more negatively on job interviews than people with a fuller smile. Therefore, having missing teeth can affect your chances for getting a job.

How Missing Teeth Can Be Treated

If you have missing teeth, we have several types of treatments we can offer. How we fill in the space will depend on where the gap is located. Often, we will add implants with a restoration, such as crown or fixed bridge. We may also add an all-on-4 restoration, which involves placing implants and a fixed denture for patients who are edentulous. If you only need to replace a tooth one or 2 places in the mouth, we may create a fixed bridge or removable denture. We can also insert an implant with a crown. These types of processes will give you more confidence when speaking and eating. Therefore, they are worth your effort, money, and time.

Do you have a few missing teeth? If so, we can assist you in achieving a fuller and healthier smile. Give us a call today to set an appointment for a dental exam and consultation.

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