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Things You Never Want to do When Your Child is Teething

Posted on 9/21/2020 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Things You Never Want to do When Your Child is TeethingWe receive a lot of questions from concerned parents about teething babies. Many of those parents come to us asking, what are the basic do's and don'ts of teething? Are amber necklaces safe? Should parents use pain relief medicine? What about ice to soothe the gums of your teething baby? We're going to answer these questions for you and cover some of the common things you should avoid when your child is teething.

Soothing Your Baby

It's easy to reach for any over the counter soothing gel or medication for your teething, fussy baby, but be sure to pause and read the label. Many medicines contain aspirin, which should be avoided until your child reaches the age of two. Avoid any medications or gels that contain choline salicylate or benxocaine as both of these can be absorbed by your baby and are toxic in large quantities.

Soothing the gums with a cold teething ring or washcloth is a safe way to ease your baby's pain, but avoid anything frozen. Ice chips can be swallowed and pose a choking hazard. Frozen teething rings are too cold and can actually harm your child's gums. It's best to stick with something cold that has been in the refrigerator versus something frozen.

There has been a trend in recent years to give infants amber teething necklaces to soothe the gums. We strongly advise against this for numerous reasons. First, any kind of necklace is obviously worn around your baby's neck. This could become a risk for strangulation as babies do not have good motor control and cannot undo tangles that may occur. Additionally, the small beads can become detached from the necklace and this poses a choking hazard for your baby.
Once those beautiful pearly whites emerge, remember to brush them twice daily and give us a call and schedule your baby's first exam.
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