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Why White Bread Is So Dangerous to Your Oral Health

Posted on 6/8/2020 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Why White Bread Is So Dangerous to Your Oral HealthSliced white bread when it was introduced contributed to solving hunger for many people. However, since then, we have gotten a better understanding of how various foods affect oral health.

Here at SmileCOS Dentistry, we will be quickly going over the negative effects that white bread has on the teeth.

White Bread Is Sugar To Your Teeth

Essentially, white bread is sugar for your teeth. You may have noticed that white bread is sweet, and it leaves behind slight ™paste-like™ texture in your mouth that is unlike bread such as whole wheat. This is because white bread is starchy, and starch turns into sugar when it hits saliva. This sugar gets coated all over your teeth, which allows bacteria to have a feast and cause cavities. It is a surprisingly similar effect to eating caramel or gummy bears- yikes!

Not only this, but white bread is considered empty calories for your body. It will leave you feeling hungry in a shorter period of time than a more nutritional bread. If you are counting calories for weight loss purposes, you are essentially throwing about 200 calories out the window when eating a sandwich.

Alternatives To White Bread

You don't have to give up bread entirely due to this. Whole wheat bread is an option as mentioned above and with it brings health benefits such as protein, vitamins, and whole grains acting together to make you both fuller and more energized. You can also look for oat bread which is a good source of fiber to also keep you satisfied to help prevent the urge to reach for a bag of chips or candy before your next meal!

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