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What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Posted on 6/15/2024 by SmileCOS Dentistry
man picking up an emegency dental kit from the storeThe last thing you want is to experience a dental emergency, especially during the holiday season. Whether it's a chipped tooth while enjoying Christmas cookies or a painful toothache on New Year's Eve, knowing how to handle these situations can make a big difference.

1. Stay Calm and Assess the Situation:

The first step in any dental emergency is to stay calm and assess the situation. Don't panic, even if you're in pain. Take a deep breath and try to figure out what's wrong. Is it a chipped tooth? A loose filling? A throbbing toothache?

2. Call Your Dentist or Find an Emergency Dentist:

Once you've assessed the situation, your next step is to contact your dentist. If it's during regular business hours, they should be able to see you right away. If it's after hours or on a weekend or holiday, you can find an emergency dentist in your area.

3. Take Steps to Manage the Pain:

While you're waiting to see a dentist, you can take steps to manage the pain. For a chipped tooth, you can use a cold compress to reduce swelling. For a loose filling, you can try to gently remove it with dental floss. And for a toothache, you can take over-the-counter pain medication.

4. Get to the Dentist as Soon as Possible:

It's important to get to the dentist as soon as possible after a dental emergency. The sooner you can see a dentist, the better the chance of saving your tooth.

5. Follow Your Dentist's Instructions:

After your appointment, be sure to follow your dentist's instructions carefully. This will help you recover quickly and prevent any further problems.

Here are some additional tips for handling dental emergencies:
•  Keep a dental emergency kit handy: This kit should include gauze, dental floss, and over-the-counter pain medication.
•  Know your dental insurance information: If you have dental insurance, be sure to know your policy number and contact information.
•  Find an emergency dentist in your area: You can find a list of emergency dentists online or by calling your local dental society.

By following these tips, you can be prepared to handle any dental emergency that comes your way.

Remember, dental emergencies can happen at any time. By being prepared and knowing what to do, you can minimize the damage and get the care you need.
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