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Why Preventive Dentistry Is So Important

Posted on 6/3/2024 by SmileCOS Dentistry
 hand dropping money into a clear piggy bankIt is easier to prevent oral health issues than it is to treat them afterward. Further preventive dental care lowers the risk of cavities and other oral problems. Besides oral health, preventive dentistry offers other health benefits, such as the prevention of heart diseases and diabetes, as outlined below.

Preventive Dentistry Saves Money

Preventive dental services are more affordable than restorative procedures. While modern dentistry offers effective solutions like crowns and implants, proactive prevention is much cheaper. Most insurance plans cover all preventive treatments but not restorative treatments. Although you may be using money upfront, preventive care reduces much stress in the future.

Reduces Risk of Chronic Health Conditions

Several studies have linked chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes to poor dental care. If the bacteria found in your mouth travels to your blood system, the result could be heart disease. This can be prevented by having a dentist regularly examine your oral health and provide dental care recommendations.

Lowers the Pain of Dental Treatments

The mouth is densely packed with nerve endings, making it prone to pain. Preventive dental care reduces the chances of tooth decay or gum disease and decreases the likelihood of experiencing significant pain. Further, prevention reduces the chances of needing serious surgical procedures, which can be painful.

Enhanced Self-Image

Oral health problems can negatively impact your social life. Bad breath, discolored teeth, or misalignment can affect confidence in public settings. By maintaining oral health, you not only protect your overall well-being but also cultivate a positive self-image.

Preservation of Natural Teeth

Although there are many teeth restoration solutions, none can match the beauty and strength of your natural teeth. Even implants will feel unnatural to you. If you continually care for your teeth, you will never need teeth implants. This is why preventive dentistry should be encouraged. To start the next step in your preventative dentistry journey, contact our office today to make an appointment.
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