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3 Common Barriers to Good Dental Health in Seniors

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Happy, senior, white patient looking at himself in a mirror with a pleased, white male dental assistantGood dental health is vital for seniors. It improves self-confidence and the quality of life. Think about overall health! A well-maintained set of teeth allows the older adult to eat different foods without restrictions. In addition, good oral health lowers the risks of infections. Infections make seniors prone to respiratory issues, heart disease, and diabetes.

For this reason, good oral hygiene should be a priority for older adults. Unfortunately, some seniors face challenges in maintaining good oral health. Here are 3 barriers to improving oral health in seniors:

Mobility Issues

Many seniors experience mobility issues due to conditions such as arthritis. This affects their ability to clean their teeth properly. If thorough teeth cleaning is no longer possible, plaque can build up in the mouth, leading to gum disease. The common signs of gum disease are inflammation and swelling of the gums.

If left unattended, large pockets along the gum line can form, creating a perfect environment for bacteria and infections. Luckily, you can prevent gingivitis by scheduling dental appointments for your older adults. The appointment may involve teeth cleaning and advice on how to improve oral health.

Tooth Loss

Teeth naturally deteriorate with age. This makes it challenging to eat, speak, and enjoy different meals. It can also lead to loss of all teeth, which can worsen oral health. When teeth fall out, the senior's jawbone may deteriorate, making their face shrink.

The good thing is that dental procedures such as dentures and dental implants can help to improve the senior's oral health. They can restore eating and speaking and prevent issues such as gum and jawbone deterioration.

Eyesight Issues

Eyesight problems are another common barrier for many seniors. People with eyesight issues cannot drive to a dental care facility. Also, they may have problems accessing their teeth-cleaning equipment. Contact us today and learn how you can assist your seniors in improving their dental health.
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