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Ways To Deal With A Dry Mouth

Posted on 8/7/2023 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Ways To Deal With A Dry MouthIt's normal for your mouth to become dry once in a while. For instance, things such as stress or hot seasons can make your mouth feel dry. However, frequent mouth dryness can result in severe oral issues. A dry mouth can cause symptoms such as bad breath, a burning sensation on the tongue, a sore throat, or plaque buildup. Luckily, you should not live with a dry mouth and ruin your oral health. Some strategies can help to relieve a dry mouth. Here they are:

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is a leading cause of dry mouth. For instance, dehydration results in insufficient fluids to produce the saliva needed to keep your mouth moist. Consuming enough fluids is a good way to moisturize your mouth and keep you hydrated. In addition, fluids such as water play a role of saliva in the mouth. They loosen up particles in your oral cavity, ensuring a clean mouth. While fluids play a vital role in keeping you hydrated, it is good to limit sugary and alcoholic beverages. Things such as caffeinated drinks and mouthwashes that contain alcohol can also worsen the symptoms of a dry mouth. Some of the fluids that contain hydrating properties include water and milk. You can also moisten your mouth by sucking on ice cubes.

Consider A Sugar-Free Gum

Sometimes, a dry mouth can result from certain medications. If you are like some people that require long-term medication, you understand that it can be challenging to stop the treatment. For this reason, you may need some remedies to stimulate saliva flow, and sugar-free gum is a good remedy for this.

Schedule Dental Visits Regularly

Dental visits help to prevent and treat oral issues. During a dental appointment, you will get advice on improving your mouth's health. For instance, a dentist can warn you about toothpaste, habits, and diet that can worsen the symptoms of a dry mouth. Visit our office and learn more about how to prevent and treat a dry mouth.

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