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Who Do Not Qualify to Get Dental Implants?

Posted on 1/9/2023 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Who Do Not Qualify to Get Dental Implants?Many people's health, happiness, and sense of self are significantly impacted by accidents and disorders affecting the mouth and teeth. Fortunately, dental implants can be used to replace one or more teeth that have been lost or damaged. These artificial teeth look and operate just like real ones.

By restoring your ability to eat, smile, and speak normally, dental implants can do wonders for your health and confidence. Dental implants surgically placed into the jawbone can support a fixed bridge or individual replacement teeth without requiring dentures. It is not recommended that people with the following characteristics get dental implants:

Use of Tobacco Products

Regarding dental implant surgery, smokers and tobacco users are not ideal candidates since their mouths cannot heal properly after surgery. Implant surgery is only an option if you decide to quit smoking.


Implants may not be as successful for patients with certain diseases or conditions; therefore, pre-implant plans or therapies may be necessary for people with cancer, those having jaw radiation therapy, uncontrolled diabetes, alcoholism, or gum disease.


Some individuals may not be candidates for dental implants because they are taking certain drugs, such as steroids or immune suppressors. A careful examination and evaluation by your oral surgeon may reveal a treatment plan that may improve your chances of success in such a scenario.

The success rate of dental implants is quite high. Consult an oral surgeon as soon as possible if you are considering getting implants.

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