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Meaning Of A Night Guard

Posted on 12/5/2022 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Meaning Of A Night GuardA night guard sometimes referred to as a dental split, is a plastic device that covers all or part of the teeth. It is often worn throughout the night to reduce tooth grinding. If your teeth grinding and clenching is severe, using night guards even during the day may help protect your teeth from injury.

How to use a night guard

Using a night guard is very simple. You will just put it in your mouth and bite tithe back teeth both upper and lower teeth will hold it firmly hence preventing grinding.

When to use a night guard

If you've noticed wear and tear on your teeth, or you are having symptoms you suspect are caused by grinding or clenching, or if your spouse complains about the noise you make while sleeping, it's important to use a night guard.

Reasons for using night guard

Preventing Teeth Damage. Because teeth grinding occurs when you are unaware, the more it occurs, the more enamel loss occurs in your teeth. Oversensitivity is caused by enamel degradation. As a result, your mouth may struggle to tolerate hot or cold beverages and meals. Furthermore, without enamel to safeguard your teeth, they become more prone to decay. Infections are more prevalent if the decay progresses into the hard enamel of the teeth.

When the price of a night guard is compared to the price of restorative dentistry, the former is less expensive. Restorative dentistry will be your only option once your teeth have worn out and fractured. Fillings, tooth loss crowns, and bite correction are all expensive procedures.

Uses of night guard

Mouth guards protect your teeth and gums by covering them. Night guards can help with bruxism which is teeth grinding. A properly fitted night guard realigns the jaw and teeth. This helps in reducing jaw tension, pain, headaches, and other joint dysfunction symptoms.
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