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Is Removal Of Wisdom Teeth Dangerous?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by SmileCOS Dentistry
Is Removal Of Wisdom Teeth Dangerous?Though generally regarded as a safe procedure, wisdom teeth removal should be performed by a qualified dentist. The reason is that complications can happen either during the surgery or after. The important thing is to ensure you adhere to the dentist's recommendations once the teeth have been extracted.

Common Complications after the Removal of Wisdom Teeth?

Various complications can occur from wisdom teeth removal. Below are some of these complications.

An Infection

When a dentist extracts a tooth, you are instructed on how to care for the wound. If you fail to follow the after-surgery care instructions, then an infection can occur. You may notice symptoms such as excessive bleeding, severe pain that persists even after taking painkillers or even oozing discharge from the site.

Dry Socket

Once you have your wisdom tooth removed, there will be blood clotting as part of the healing process. The clotting occurs over the site, including the bone and nerves. In the event that the clot is displaced, the nerves and bone may be exposed, resulting in a dry socket. Treatment for dry sockets involves cleaning the area with antimicrobials and placing a dressing over the site. The dentist may also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.

Swelling and Bleeding

It is normal for the site to bleed after extraction, particularly on the first day since the clotting has not occurred completely. However, if it continues for a couple of days or gets excessive, then it becomes abnormal.

Besides, swelling, even if it is occurring alongside pain, it is normal within the first days after an extraction. However, it may reach a level where it becomes a concern. If you have swelling and it becomes worse instead of getting better, you need to be checked. There could be an infection.

If you want to have your wisdom tooth extracted, talk to our dental team. After doing an oral inspection, we will give you a guideline on what to do. We may remove it or just leave it and continue monitoring it.

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